2018 Slate

Here are the wonderful people who have stepped up to serve for next year on the Board of Trustees or Nominating Committee.

Board of Trustees

Rick Weiss (continuing)

Grew up in East Meadow, NY (on Long Island, about 30 miles east of Manhattan). Family were members of East Meadow Jewish Center (Conservative). Survived 5 years of Hebrew School & a Bar-Mitzvah. Graduated New York University with a BS in Mechanical Engineering.

In 1978, chose to leave the East Coast & moved west. In Greater LA for 27 years, working mostly in Aerospace: Tacit Rainbow (AGM-136), C-17, Delta II, X-37A and 787 Dreamliner. MS from USC in 2004 in Systems Architecting and Engineering. Moved to Northwest in 2005, courtesy of Boeing. Retired from Boeing / McDonnell-Douglas after 28 years, 10 months at end of March 2017.

Discovered Science-Fiction Fandom in 1980, and have been active with it ever since, especially in the Filk Music area. (Filk is the Folk music peculiar to science fiction & fantasy fans.) I don’t play an instrument or sing very well; I organize. Co-Chaired Con-Chord (SoCal Filk Convention) for 4 years, and published The Filking Times, a filk newszine, for 6 years. Ran the Filk Programming Track at two SF World Conventions, LACON III and LACON IV. Chaired the startup of a new Filk convention, Conflikt, here in Seattle in 2007.

Married to Tess Calhoun for 19 years (2nd marriage for both of us). No children. Freeland has been our only home in Puget Sound; moved in about 6 weeks after transferring to the Boeing Everett payroll.

Judaism has continued to by my foundation as my culture, my ethnicity, and moral basis, although (intellectually, at least) I long ago left behind the ‘Father God is watching you” judgmental parts. It is now mixed with concepts drawn from various SF/Fantasy stories and modern Neo-Paganism. I had considerable exposure to Neo-Paganism in California, where many of my closest friends were JAPs; Jewish-American Pagans. (The rest were recovering Catholics.) When Tess dragged me along to UUCWI, listening to Kit awoke an interest in spirituality that been dormant for decades. I am still developing my personal version of ‘Jewnitarian’ and expect that to be a lifelong pursuit. I feel at home with UUCWI, and have enjoyed tremendously being a Worship Leader.

Now, just how did I become President???

Mary Ann Imkamp – VP (continuing)

Born in Denver, Colorado on October 19, 1937.  Spent childhood as a “military brat” living with parents and an older brother in numerous homes in Nebraska, Colorado, Alaska, Illinois, Puerto Rico, Texas, and finally Maryland.

Graduated from George Washington University (Washington,D.C.), January 1959, with a B.A. in Sociology. Married first husband, began raising family of three children.

During the 1960’s, while primarily a stay-at-home mother living in Silver Spring, Maryland, I was active in   LWV (League of Women Voters), WLA (Washington Lay Association (Catholic)), and local and county PTA, where I was the local PTA newsletter editor, then local PTA President, and was the organizer and director of one of the first Community Schools in Montgomery County (MD). During this time I also lobbied the county School Board to avert the closing of our elementary school, successfully.  My activities in the period from 1962 – 1972 were to support and encourage the successful racial integration of our school, church and community.

In 1972, we moved to Takoma Park, MD, a neighboring community on the border of Washington, DC that was already one of the most racially integrated (white) communities in the suburbs. There, once again, I helped organize and lobbied to prevent the closing of the local elementary school.  Again, successfully.  I was elected to the City Council where I served two terms (1974 -1978).  While on the Council, I also served on the Washington Metropolitan Council of Government’s Transportation Planning Committee. I served as chairman of the Citizen’s Committee for HUD’s Community Development Block Grant Program for two years.  The program covered grants made to communities in both Montgomery and Prince Georges Counties. In 1978, I ran for Mayor and was defeated. My marriage ended in 1980.

In 1981, I enrolled in a graduate program in Applied/Organizational-Industrial Psychology at Catholic University of America (in Washington, D.C.) where I took my internship in Executive Assessment. I received my Ph.D. in 1984 and became a consultant with Hay Systems consulting firm, that did manpower and personnel consulting for DOD and their contractors. There I was tasked with developing a methodology for accessing the cognitive complexity of maintenance tasks on military equipment.  I developed the CRM (Cognitive Requirements Model) which was used in several contracts while I was there. While at Hay Systems, for two years I was one of the team that conducted an Executive Development Program, called Looking Glass, developed by the Center for Creative Leadership. In 1988, I resigned to move to Seattle. However, I continued to participate in that program for another year as an external consultant.

In my early years in Seattle (1988-1992), I joined ASTD (American Society of Training Directors), where I met a professor from SPU (Seattle Pacific University) who asked me to teach a course in Employee Benefits.  That led to an offer from the School of Business to fill in for a professor on sabbatical. Among the courses I taught over the next two years as Associate Professor were: Organizational Behavior, Management Development, Strategic Planning.  In that same time period, I joined with two other ASTD members to form a small consulting firm.  We never really got off the ground, but it was a good experience and we had several interesting small contracts.  As a small business, we all joined the Rotary, where I met a retired executive who introduced me to a fairly new non-profit, ESCWA (Executive Service Corps of Washington).  In 1993, I was selected to be their Executive Director until I retired in 1997, after I had married my second husband, Tony Imkamp, in 1995.

Tony, at that time, was a family doctor (M.D.) in Federal Way, where he was known for practicing alternative medicine with a bio-energic, naturopathic approach. He encouraged me to join his practice as a counselor after we had both taken an intensive course in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) which I found to be a valuable tool in my practice.

In 1992, while still single, I had bought a cabin on Whidbey Island, where we then week-ended until 1999, when we moved permanently to the island. We maintained a small practice at home as we continued to see his patients until his retirement at age 80 in 2006. Those first years on the island gave us the opportunity to travel, work on the land and in his garden.  As Tony’s health declined over the next several years, I withdrew from most outside activities.

In 2012 or thereabout, we began coming to the UU Congregation. My involvement with UU has been somewhat limited but I was able to participate in the Book Group, Build Your Own Theology and The Gnostic Jesus (with Tony), Chalice Circle and one other study group based on The Necessity of Virtue videotape. Both of us socialized with the “northenders” enjoying the occasional gatherings.


John Fetrow – Treasurer (continuing)

I have lived on Whidbey Island for a bit more than a year now, having moved here from Minnesota with my wife, Becky Myrick. We have four amazing grown daughters scattered across the U.S. I grew up on a commercial poultry farm in Maryland. The logo was “Fetrow’s Modern Cage Egg Factory” and our eggs sold at a premium in the Washington DC area because the public saw eggs from hens in cages as superior to eggs from hens on the ground that ate bugs, poop, and each other. Yep, public perceptions do change.  I did my undergrad at MIT, veterinary college at the University of Pennsylvania, and an MBA from the Wharton School of Business. I worked for 40 years on the veterinary college faculty at the U of PA, North Carolina State University, and for the last 26 years at the U of Minnesota’s College of Veterinary Medicine. I am a large animal veterinarian. If my cat gets sick, I take it to a vet.  I started out by doing general large animal field practice (teaching students who rode along to keep me from making egregious mistakes) and have done all those “James Harriot” style field clinical calls at all hours and in all weather. I gradually specialized more and more in dairy, dairy management, and dairy economics. If you have a sick cow or want to run your dairy farm better, I might be useful to you. I also did some administrative time as well as a Department Chair and as the “Assistant Vice President for Organizational Redesign” across all of the medical schools of the U of MN. Sort of in charge of developing a new overarching administrative structure to make the schools collaborate better. Learned that it is hard to get physicians to listen to nurses, or to anyone for that matter. Worked my way out of that job as we hired competent people to populate the system that was developed and I returned to my veterinary faculty role.

Relevant to the job of the UUCWI Treasurer, I served for 4 years as the treasurer of a Montessori School, including the period when we left the church basement and built our own school.  I can do arithmetic. I like spreadsheets.

I have served on the Board for a year now, taking care of the Treasurer’s duties, helping with the Long Rang Planning process, and supporting John Long as he led a very successful Stewardship drive. I still don’t know everyone’s name in the congregation, but I am making progress.


Kate Sheppard (new)

Kate is new to the island and the Pacific Northwest, having spent 35 years in the high Sierra mountains (tons of snow), and while the geography was stunning, it lacked an essential element: a liberal, caring community. Kate and her husband Sim now live just north of Freeland and are thrilled to be here!  Kate and Sim became members of UUCWI in the fall of 2017.

Kate’s career is as a nurse practitioner, researcher, and professor of nursing; her work has focused on helping health care professionals and care-giver family members reduce the mental stress and exhaustion that can arise from the role of care-provider.

Kate and Sim met on a volunteer fire department (together they have over 60 years of volunteer service). They loved building or remodeling houses, even doing crazy things like buying a backhoe to build roads and dig the trenches for utilities (their rare arguments typically revolved around which one got to operate the backhoe that day). They raised their family “off the grid” and are passionate about green construction and protecting our planet. They are avid hikers, enjoying anything outdoors, and they look forward to learning to kayak.

Kate has longed to be a part of a Unitarian congregation ever since she ditched her Catholic religion of childhood. She describes UUCWI as her spiritual home, and says the warmth, gentle support, and incredible kindness she experiences from the members of UUCWI have helped her to let go of Catholic baggage and even find fun and joy in being a part of a spiritual community. She is eager to support this congregation, and with retirement looming, is looking forward to volunteering – “bring it on”.



Richard Hayes – Trustee at large (continuing)

I was born 85 years ago in Albany, New York & was raised within a 50 mile radius of the capital city.  After graduation from Bethlehem Central High School in Delmar, I studied at Cornell University graduating in 1953.  As I had earned a commission as 2nd Lt. in the ROTC, I  spent 2 years in the service at Fort Dix, NJ, Fort Knox, KY & eventually in Iceland.

I then worked at various jobs in the hospitality industry before moving to Toledo, Ohio to manage a men´s clothing company.  There I met Jane & we were married in 1960. I enrolled in Thunderbird Graduate School of International Business in Glendale, Arizona and upon graduation was hired by Chase Manhattan Bank.  After a year´s training in New York, we were sent to Panama where we lived until 1964.

We were transferred to Brazil in May of 1964 and remained there until September 2015 when we moved to the Pacific Northwest to be nearer our daughter and family who reside in Bellevue.  My work in Brazil was mainly in banks & as a financial advisor.  Also I served as President of a NGO that helped chemically dependent persons and trained counselors.


Jasmine Andersen (new)

Mother of Madison, Jasmine has been a member of UUCWI since August, 2016. Upon being asked to serve on the Board, her reply was, “I would be delighted to help in any way I can …. I can’t wait to assist the congregation I hold so dear.”



Teri Wright – Trustee at large (continuing)

Teri Wright first became a UU in Norfolk, VA in 1993 where she and her young family appreciated this open-minded religion. Both of her grown children went through the OWL program for teens. Teri first worked as a social worker then later in life, followed her dream to become a land use planner. That career had an interesting twist due to the economic downturn and she served 3 1/2 yrs as a Peace Corps volunteer in Guatemala (2010-2013).

She washed up on Whidbey shores in 2013 to work as a land use planner for Island County to protect this beautiful place. You can find Teri dancing tango or swing or more when she is not at UU or at work. Her hopes are high for helping UUCWI be a welcoming community that promotes positive change in the world.

Nominations Committee

Clara Beier (new)

Clara just completed service on the Board.




Joann Roomes (continuing)






John Long (new)

John just completed service on the Board