Earth-Based Religious Exploration Committee – Roles and Responsibilites

Earth-Based Religious Exploration Committee

Approved by the UUCWI Board of Trustees, on October 10th, 2016.


Purpose: To provide an Earth-Based spiritual community for religious exploration for our membership and the broader community.


Nature: This is a standing committee.


Key Responsibilities:

  • To provide ritual observances of pagan sabbats / wheel of the year for the congregation and the greater community
  • To coordinate with the worship committee as necessary to provide Earth-Based elements to Sunday Services as needed.
  • To prepare and review a budget as needed
  • Build and maintain support for the Earth-Based Programs within the congregation
  • network among Earth-Based UUs; providing outreach of Unitarian Universalism to the broader Earth-Based community
  • Provide educational materials on Earth-Based Religions for the congregation and the general public
  • Encourage the development of theo/alogical and liturgical materials based on Earth and Nature centered religious and spiritual perspectives
  • Recognize contributions of staff and volunteers
  • Create long and short term goals for Earth-Based Religious Exploration