We covenant to affirm and promote:    

The inherent worth and dignity of every person

Justice, equity, and compassion in human relations

Respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part

Turning these Unitarian Universalist principles and values into action means that service is our practice: with individuals and families, in partnership with other organizations, and with commitment to our environment.

The Social and Environmental Justice Council (SEJC) strives to promote justice–moral principles guiding behavior based on truth, reason, fairness, and equality. The SEJC’s activities are consistent with the initiatives of UUA, UUSC, and WA UU Voices for Justice. We:

  • Foster the worth and dignity of all life by promoting social, environmental, and economic justice, and recognizing the interrelationships of all forms of justice;
  • Promote the direct involvement of UUCWI to service, advocacy, and/or community organizing to create social and environmental justice in the larger community of Whidbey Island;
  • Encourage connections among UUCWI, Whidbey Island, the Northwest region, and national and global partners for the purpose of social and environmental justice;
  • Support a generosity of spirit and action in all aspects of our UUCWI community; and
  • Respond to emergency or crisis needs as they occur.


    We align with the United Nations Earth Charter and with Commit2Respond, a Unitarian Universalist religious response to raise awareness and mobilize action to address the crisis of climate change and the social justice issues it magnifies. We believe that social and environmental justice are deeply interrelated, impacting all, especially those with fewest resources.

Our commitment is to:

  • Grow the climate justice movement;
  • Advance the human rights of marginalized communities;
  • Shift to clean and renewable energy; and
  • Honor all life as interrelated.

    Social justice is about heart and mind, listening and advocacy, compassionate learning and individual and collective actions. We, at UUCWI, believe that the heart of social justice embraces achieving equitable access to necessities of life (like food, shelter, healthcare, and relationships) as well as a peaceful and thriving environment.

To learn more about our local social action and how YOU can get involved, see our Local Action page.

“In these times, those who work for equality, justice, peace, and sustainability seem to face a daunting task. However, a great history of social movements began with visions when change seemed equally impossible. … Anchor [your] collective visioning in the possibilities that exist in [your] own local communities. Current realities we know exist can provide the spark of inspiration for imagining more widespread shifts on the societal level.” –Spirit in Action: Facilitating Circles of Change Curriculum Guide 2005, Spirit in Action, Inc.

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The Universe is a communion of subjects, not a collection of objects. ~Thomas Berry