A Tent Big Enough for Everyone

w/ Lenore Norrgard, member of UUCWI
Lenore’s life is a rich tapestry of art, science, activism, and — since 1987 — spirituality. That year she was called to the shamanic path, and it has informed every aspect of her life since. Lenore wonders how truly inclusive Unitarian Universalists are. Are we really able to provide a tent big enough for everyone? What might happen if we did? Lenore will share the threads of inclusivity and exclusivity in her life, from early years in a mixed-race family; as a youth in sectarian radical activism; and the shamanic awakening that led her to participate in bringing healing between the perpetrators and victims of the 1979 Greensboro Massacre, and becoming a filmmaker.
Worship Leader: Terra Anderson
Special Music: Heidi Hoelting