Oh My G-d (audio)

with Rev. Bill Graves
The title to this service borrows from the Jewish tradition of refraining from saying or writing a full word representing the source of all which is unknowable and unnamable. But, even while acknowledging our inherent limitations in this subject area, some of us cannot help pondering questions such as: Is there an ultimate reality to put my faith in beyond myself? What gives me “hope”? Who or what lays claim to my life, my heart? How do I deal with the G-word when I encounter it?

Music: UUCWI Chalice Choir
Worship Leader: Toyan Copeland

In the Footprints of the Ancestors – The Festival of Samhain (audio)

Samhain (sɑːwɪn) is an ancient Gaelic festival marking the end of the harvest season when many people believe the veil between our world and the spirit world becomes very thin. Members of our Earth Spirit Circle will share stories and songs as we remember and honor the ancestors including the first people of the Salish Sea, the ancestors of our own blood lines, and challenge us to be mindful of our responsibility as the ancestors of those who will follow in our footprints.

Worship Leader: Effie Brown
Guest Musician: Barbara Dunn

Who Lives in Us?

Quaker activist, master teacher and author Parker Palmer wrote “Self is a moving intersection of many other selves. We are formed by the lives which intersect with ours.” As All Saint’s Day approaches, we remember those who live in and through us, and reflect on how their values and choices are our enduring companions and guides.

Worship Leader: Jane Hayes