Merry Christmas AND Happy Holidays (audio)

Christmas is the big deal here in the United States, culturally, religiously, and commercially. Yet many other faith traditions also celebrate at this time of year. Let’s honor those diverse celebrations as we concurrently explore what practices and behaviors might in these dark times help us to be truly happy.

Worship Leader: Katy Shaner
Guest Musician: Sue Baer, violin

What the Wise Ones Know (Audio)

with guest minister Rev. Peter Luton, who says:

“If legend is to be believed, the Three Kings/Magi should be on the road now, following a star, a hope, a world-changing birth. I imagine the people on the road thought them crazy, yet legend continues to portray them as wise. I believe they were wise.”

Worship Leader: Terra Anderson

Gratitude and Communion

This service adapts traditional liturgies and rituals to reflect Unitarian Universalist principles. The sharing of bread both evokes gratitude for the blessings and abundance in our lives and challenges us to care for those less fortunate. Members of the congregation will share reflections which explore the themes of gratitude for the gift of life, the bounty of Earth, and our commitment to a world of peace, love, and justice.
Worship Leader: Effie Brown
Guest Musician: Heidi Hoelting