Nurturing Our Healthy Community

Do we listen with respect and interest when we ask someone, “How are you?” or are we merely being polite and expecting a superficial response? Health is not just the absence of illness and it encompasses our whole selves: our physical health, our emotional health, our mental health and our spiritual health. How do we find compassion for our whole selves and for the whole selves of others in our community?

Guest Speaker: Kate Sheppard, Ph.D., Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner and Family Nurse Practitioner
Worship Leader: Eileen Soskin
Guest Musician: Becky Myrick

Regret is a Human Emotion (Audio)

You may have heard it said that “regret is a useless emotion.” On the contrary, I believe that regret is a natural human emotion that plays a vital role in reconciling us internally, with one another, and with the Spirit of Life and Love. The Jewish Days of Awe, also called the Days of Repentance, invite us to consider where we have missed the mark in our own lives and relationships. If we allow ourselves to experience our regret, it may become a catalyst for healing.

with The Reverend Emily Melcher
Worship Leader: Rick Weiss
Special Musician: David Edwards

Ingathering and Water Ceremony

Welcome, welcome as we gather together to start our new church year in our traditional Ingathering Water Communion service. This Sunday will be a thoughtful, reflective day as we share the special meaning of the small amount of waters we have brought to share in our larger bowl – symbolizing our shared faith coming from many different sources.

You are welcome to write, in advance, your thoughts on the water you bring to the sanctuary – the significance of the place or the occasion the water has for you.

This Sunday will be a festive day as we gather and greet each other and feast together after the service at our annual salmon bake pot luck. Salmon, drinks and dessert provided. Please sign up in advance and bring a potluck dish to share.

Worship Leader: Katy Shaner
Special Music: The Chalice Choir, Eileen Soskin, and Cynthia Morrow-Hattal
Slide Show: Joan Gerteis