You CAN Teach An Old Bitch New Tricks

Dallas Huth and Mary Goolsby know it is difficult to teach old dogs new tricks but old bitches are amazingly flexible. Dallas has collected her lessons learned in a new book of poetry. Mary was inspired to create poems by life and her poetry group. Together they will share some insightful and humorous secrets of graceful aging through poetry.

Dallas lives in Langley with her dog Stella, near her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. She earned her BA in psychology from Humboldt University in California. Mary is constantly inspired by the Grandchildren she moved to the Island in order to enjoy. She attended Marylhurst University where she received an M.A. in Art Therapy after retiring from teaching and she retired again to move to Whidbey.

Worship Leader: Mark Simpson
Special Musician: Talia Marcus

As Long As There Are Giraffes, There’s Hope

Ann Medlock started the Giraffe Heroes Project in the early 80s when she was doing public relations work on Manhattan Island.
Appalled by what passed for news, she created a media feed of stories about people sticking their necks out to solve public problems.
On Whidbey Island since 1985, the Project gives the world stories of such people across the globe who have been commended as “Giraffes.”

Worship Leader: Becky Myrick

Ministerial Candidate Service: “Creating One Another” (audio)

We tend to enter into relationships (whether friendships, marriages, or shared ministries) with a mixture of hope and trepidation. It’s natural to put our best foot forward at the outset, even as we seek the best in one another. Still, we know there’s another foot, and in the end, we’re all perfectly imperfect human beings. The hope lies in the perfect relationship, which is to say in the relationship that nurtures, sustains, and challenges us, furthering our growth in ways both desired and unanticipated. Today, as we take the final step in discerning whether we would like Rev. Melcher to be our next minister, she will share what she has seen in us, and explore the hopes and trepidation she brings to our shared ministry.

The Ministerial Search Committee:
Becky Myrick, Dave Cauffman, Denise McIntyre-Workman, Eileen Soskin, Sara Heath, Suzi Pengilly, Tom Buxton