UUCWI has an active program for providing comfort and support to members of the community. Pastoral care is delivered through three principal pathways:


The Minister of UUCWI visits individuals whose health and mobility challenges prevent them from attending normal services, counsels members and friends with personal spiritual matters, helps bereaved families with memorial service arrangements and grief counseling, provides pre-wedding counseling to engaged couples, offers comfort and support to the dying and their family and friends, and provides other forms of spiritual and emotional support as necessary to members and friends of the congregation. The minister also provides referrals to other resources, if appropriate.


The Chaplain of UUCWI supports the minister when the minister’s schedule makes it
difficult to cover all the needs. This may involve doing weddings and memorial services, providing emotional and spiritual support, and other such compassionate service. The chaplain has been involved with congregant support on the north end of the island, where she resides.


Pastoral Care

The Care and Connections Committee of UUCWI coordinates with the minister and chaplain to meet needs within the congregation such as transportation to medical appointments and emergency needs of individuals within the congregation. An important responsibility of the CCC is to help the minister with arrangements for memorial services.


If you are interested in helping to provide pastoral care by serving on the Caring Connections committee or if you are in need of pastoral care, you may call our minister or chaplain, or leave a message with our church administrator; please Contact Us.