Committees are the arteries of our congregation.

Through committees, we do the work of the church, make enduring friendships, develop a variety of experiences intended to nurture our diverse spiritual needs, welcome newcomers to our faith traditions, take care of our buildings and grounds, provide support to our neighbors experiencing hardship, endeavor to make gains on social justice issues, support our adult and youth religious exploration, and more:

Check the list below to see which committees align with your personal passions and talents. Talk to the chairpersons about getting involved. Official roles and responsibilities of committees are available on this website’s Documents page.

  • Aesthetics and Visual Arts helps maintain an attractive interior to our facility, and operates our art gallery.   Contact: Carol Bingman
  • Auction Our annual auction raises operational funds and showcases our many skills and talents. Great fun!  Chair: Sarah Richards 
  • Building and Grounds ensures our building is well maintained and ready for use and that the landscape reflects our deep appreciation of the natural world.  Chair: Gene Berg
    Subcommittees: Bldg Management and Landscape
  • Care and Connections enables supporting of one another in times of need: transportation, food, visits, etc.   Contact: Judy Kaplan
  • Communications coordinates our website, newsletter, and electronic news delivery.  Contact: Suzi Pengilly
  • Committee on Shared Ministry supports our minister, ensures UUCWI’s ministry’s health. Contact: Mary Goolsby 
  • Earth Spirit Circle provides an outlet for the expression and observance of Earth-Based Religious practices. Contact: Tabitha Pierzchala, Chair
  • Leadership Council comprises all committee chairs and staff, serving to coordinate cross-committee activities and fostering needed communications. Contact: Mary Ann Imkamp
  • Library Committee maintains a collection of 650 titles. Contact: Corinne Ludy
  • MEMBERS_committees_image1Lifespan Spiritual Development: Includes Adult Programs and Children’s Religious Exploration. Contact: Suzi Pengilly for Adult Programs and Joann Roomes for Children’s Religious Exploration. 
  • Long Range Planning is developing our five-year plan that will guide the future of the congregation. Contacts: Mary Goolsby and John Long
  • Membership assists visitors in getting to know us and to learn about the path to membership. Contact: Gaye Simpson
  • Music encourages and supports music for services and other occasions. Contact: Lisa Siders
  • Nominating provides candidates for the Board of Trustees and Nominating Committee openings annually. Contact: Mary Goolsby
  • Refreshments coordinates the coffee and refreshments provided on Sunday mornings after the service. Contact: Judy Kaplan
  • Social and Environmental Justice fosters the worth and dignity of all people by promoting social, economic, and environmental justice and community service activities. Contact: Gary and Dianna Piazzon
  • Stewardship ensures all members and friends are connected to the organization to the full extent of their desires. This entails an annual canvass of every congregational member and friend to secure funding to support the UUCWI operating budget, and collect feedback to the congregation’s leadership and direction.  Contact: Board of Trustees
  • Worship creates and presents services. Contact: Mavis Cauffman