Sounds and Silence of Christmas

Amid all the noise and bustle of our lives, let’s remind ourselves of the true meaning of the season. Through spoken word and song we will attempt to “retune the world to the key of Christmas.” (Rev. Forrest Church) Brush up on Handel’s Hallelujah Chorus — we will ALL sing it together at the close of the service!

The Gifts of Christmas

Long before the birth of Jesus, the popular description of Santa Claus in The Night Before Christmas, and Christmas trees in all sizes and colors, our ancient ancestors celebrated the gifts of Earth and the turning of the seasons. Join us Christmas Eve morning when, instead of a sermon, members of the congregation will share a variety of stories and songs about the blessings of giving and receiving gifts of love and compassion, which is at the very heart of Christmas.
Worship Leader: Effie Brown
Guest Musician: Heidi Hoelting

Christmas Eve

‘The cosmos enfolds us. We are caught in a web of stars, cradled in a swaying embrace, rocked by the holy night, babes of the universe.” ~ Rev. Rebecca Parker

In this season of darkness, on this night of anticipation and hope, let us gather to share stories and songs and reflect on how the joyous message of Christmas shines bright in our lives. All ages are invited to join in this traditional celebration filled with love, candles, and carols.
Worship Leader: Terra Anderson


Out with the old and in with the new. It’s the last day of 2017, and we find ourselves in a nexus—a connecting point between two years. One could argue that January 1 is just another day, and nothing about anyone changes just because the number the calendar does. And yet this is a time we almost can’t help but take stock, inventory our lives, measure how we’re doing, and look for some determination to do better. To that end, we’ll explore the concept of resolutions—what they are, what they aren’t, making them, breaking them, and more important… what they say about us.
Guest Speaker: Ken Merrell
Worship Leader: Sandy Welch