The Wildfire Storm of Hope

Guest minister: Rev. Jon Luopa

Where do we find hope in these tough times? That is an especially difficult question to answer when so much of what we have placed our hopes in has disappointed or betrayed us. Is there another way to be hopeful?

Rev. Jon M. Luopa has been the Senior Minister at Seattle’s University Unitarian Church for the past eighteen years. Before coming to the Northwest he served UU congregations in Connecticut and Massachusetts. A graduate of the Harvard Divinity School, he has been a UU minister for thirty-seven years.
Worship Leader: Becky Myrick
Special Musician: Eileen Soskin

The Healing Power of Creativity

with guest speaker Peggy Taylor

We are all creative whether we believe it or not, and we have a birthright to express ourselves through the arts without having to be good. In this homily, Peggy Taylor will show how creative expression, personal empowerment, the will to live, and joy are intimately connected. She will show why traditional cultures weave creative expression into the fabric of everyday life and explore ways we can do the same.

Peggy Taylor is a musician, social entrepreneur and creativity specialist. She leads the Open Circle Singers, a 90-member community choir on South Whidbey, and she is co-founder of Partners for Youth Empowerment and Power of Hope: Youth Empowerment through the Arts. Over the past 20 years she has trained several thousand teachers, youth workers, social service professionals, entrepreneurs, and change makers in ways to use creative practices to increase the impact of their wor.

Worship Leader: Jane Hayes
Guest Musicians: Members of Open Circle Singers

Sermon on the Amount

with guest speaker Rev. Emily Melcher worship leader: John Long

Sacrifice, Simplicity, and Life Choices

As we face the facts about the growing degradation of the climate and its global impacts – ranging from nearby wildfires, destructive hurricanes, and loss of land and life on distant shores – we seek to respond in meaningful ways. Questions emerge. What is doable? What are we willing to do?

Might stepping off from our current path open up new ways to move towards new, more sustainable and deeply rewarding ways of lightly living on the earth?

Special Music: Dana Lyons
Worship Leader: Terra Anderson

Seeking Spring’s Sweetness

Winter’s darkness and wetness still linger in the sky. The dark, dreary weather can cast a shadow on our inner sense of well-being. Are there practices and actions that can help us achieve a lighter, more positive mood and greater balance in our lives? What might they be? How can we best sustain them?
As we celebrate the changes of the seasons, how might we invite the feelings that spring brings to be present all year round?

Special Music: Chalice Choir
Worship Leader: Sara Heath

Passover’s Call to Spiritual Growth

with guest minister Rev. Bill Graves

James Fowler is the author of a celebrated study of human faith development, generalized into six stages, from the fantasy-filled view of a young child to a rare, universalizing maturity of someone like Gandhi. Bill will attempt to apply these stages to the Biblical story celebrated as Passover on the eve of the beginning of that great ā€œFestival of Freedom.”

After a career in law, including work for the US Justice Department, Bill earned a Divinity degree from Seattle University. He was ordained at UUCWI in 2010 and has served UU congregations in the Skagit Valley, Tacoma, and Ellensburg.

Worship Leader: Becky Myrick
Musician: Claudia Mitchell